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Allexus Boyd
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Originally born in Jackson but I lived in Atlanta, Memphis, and Nashville. Jackson is home to me. I've been other places but there really is no place like Jackson. It's home. I am the baby of six siblings.. my oldest sibling and myself are 19 years apart! I always say I was the surprise no one saw coming. I worked at a local furniture store for 6 years where I was a Certified Interior Decorator . I have always loved the atmosphere of helping clients decorate and furnish their homes, but I always wanted to be on the other side of it! I want to help people find their forever homes, their first homes, or even investment properties.   When I'm not chasing our two year old, I am normally trying to get my husband, Tyler Boyd, to help me with a DIY project or work on a decorating plan. I have studied the local housing markets for five years and I'm eager to start my career in real estate.